Internationalization Committee

Duties & Responsibilities

The Internationalization Committee aims to promote agreements and relationships with foreign universities and institutions of significant interest for DICAM, in order to consolidate the international profile of the department. The Committee's activities are focused on encouraging international research and teaching relationships through formal agreements (Erasmus, joint doctorates, double degrees) with foreign universities and research centers. The Committee promotes also initiatives aimed at increasing the international mobility of students and staff, as well as the participation to international research and training networks.


Coordinator:  Prof. Maria Nadia Postorino

Other members:

  • Prof. Gabriele Bitelli
  • Prof. Stefano Bonduà
  • Prof. Nicola Buratti
  • Prof. Marco Rodolfo Di Tommaso
  • Dr. Nicholas Fantuzzi
  • Prof. Dario Frascari
  • Prof. Camilla Luni
  • Prof. Marco Maglionico
  • Dr. Alessio Mentani
  • Prof. Noura Raddadi
  • Prof. Andrea Saccani
  • Prof. Cesare Sangiorgi
  • Dr. Michelina Soccio
  • Prof. Barbara Zanuttigh