DICAM was established in October 2012 with the ambitious aim of coordinating the numerous skills in the Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering fields available at the University of Bologna’s School of Engineering and Architecture within the same scientific body. For this purpose, the former DISTARTDICASM and DICMA Departments decided to create a new structure.

The project intends to consider the diversified skills present in the departments of origin and, at the same time, create synergies essential for the development and expansion of research in sectors of common interest. The numerous laboratories available in the new department, located both in the long-standing headquarters at Viale Risorgimento 2 and above all in the extensive new headquarters at via Terracini 28, represent a formidable driver for scientific research in all specific disciplinary sectors as well as, of course, an essential element for the related teaching activities.

The Department is currently made up of 108 professors and researchers, as well as 42 technical-administrative staff members.

The main mission of DICAM is to carry out advanced research in all sectors of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering, from the design, construction and operation of our residential structures and infrastructure, to the study of the materials with which they are made and on which they are based, up to their insertion in and impact on the territory.

The academic training to which the DICAM professors contribute is used in the University of Bologna’s three-year and master's degree courses of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in its various locations. The lecturers are also involved in teaching various specialization courses and master’s degrees