Technical and administrative services

General administrative services, technical services, information technology services, support works.

The Department Administrative Manager coordinates the department administrative offices and is in charge, together with the Head of the Department, of the administrative and budgetary management. / The head of administration office is in charge for management of administrative services and offices. She arranges the estimate and final finantial statement and the asset.

The executive administrative secretary supports University administrative organs for accounting and service planning and is the administrator/registrant in Department board and council. Cohoperates with the Head of the Department for planning, managin, supervising the Department activities and business.

The Department Administrative Manager is Michela Dalla Vite.

Lab technical services manager coordinates and plans activities of research group laboratories. He guarantees the technical support to research and lab classes, as well as the  supervision, control, maintenance of scientific equipments and instruments, according to the safety and work organisation guidelines outlined by the head of the department.

The Technical Manager is Roberto Carli.