Marine biotechnology and marine biobased value-chains and biorefineries, in support of circular economy

Prof. Concetta Messina, Università di Palermo & Chair of the EU Society of Marine Biotechnology

  • Date: 13 April 2022 from 15:00 to 15:45

  • Event location: Online Event and Room TA08 Via Terracini, 28 Bologna

The increasing pressure on marine/aquatic resources needs urgent actions aimed to optimize the sustainability of the marine food supply chains. The finding of alternative food/energetic resources, the reduction of food loss and waste, as well as their valorization, is crucial to follow the principle of the "circular economy" and of the green deal, contributing to the challenges of the  AGENDA 2030 for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Marine biotechnologies, thanks to the trajectories of the blue growth, continue to give a strong contribution in implement and transfer procedures to realize sustainable marine biobased products, to cultivate organisms able to provide bioactive ingredients, in set up industrial green process.

The seminar is intended to present some examples of this approach, adopted with success at regional level, showing some case studies characterized by high technological readiness level TRL.