IT services

The Department is equipped with the following services (reserved ONLY for dependent staff and not-dependent contracted staff):

- DICAM computer configuration: the "basic" settings of the DICAM inventoried computers are configured (access via institutional credentials, antivirus software, ...)

The University legislation on the processing of personal data and the use of IT networks and equipment is collected in the "Consolidated Law on Privacy and the Use of Information Systems", which can be consulted on the NormAteneo website of the University of Bologna

- IP Address assignment: it allows you to use a device by connection to the University network via cable

- Virtual Collaboration Spaces: they contain documents and useful information for the activities of the Department, in particular as to the Council and the Executive

- DICAM Resources and classroom booking system: it allows for the possibility of booking Department Rooms, instruments and resources.


 IT support for DICAM staff is provided by Stefania Evangelisti (headquarters located in via Terracini) and by the Cesia Task Force (headquarters located in viale Risorgimento).

To request assistance, please send an email to: (office mailbox)