Industrial and Environmental Biotechnologies

Isolation, selection and exploitation of pure and mixed microbial cultures for the development and assessment of bioprocesses, and study of downstream strategies


The activities area addressed to the employment of biological catalysers (microorganisms, enzymes) in the framework of industrial and environmental biotechnological processes. In the former case, main objectives are the production of molecules of interest for a wide range of sectors (chemical, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical) from organic residues; in the second case, microbial cultures are employed in the treatment and remediation of different environmental matrices (waters, soils, sediments). To this aim, the research group takes advantage from several backgrounds and expertise concerning pharmaceutical chemistry, microbiology, biotechnologies and chemical and civil engineering.

ERC Sectors

  • PE8_2 Chemical engineering, technical chemistry; 
  • PE8_3 Civil engineering, architecture, maritime/hydraulic engineering, geotechnics, waste treatment;
  • PE8_8 Materials engineering (metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, etc.);
  • PE8_9 Production technology, process engineering; PE8_13 Industrial bioengineering;
  • LS8_2 Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics;
  • LS8_10 Microbial ecology and evolution;
  • LS9_1 Non-medical biotechnology and genetic engineering (including transgenic organisms, recombinant proteins, biosensors, bioreactors, microbiology);
  • LS9_6 Forestry and biomass production (including biofuels);
  • LS9_7 Environmental biotechnology (including bioremediation, biodegradation)

Group members

Lorenzo Bertin

Associate Professor

Fabio Fava

Full Professor

Maurizio Mancini

Associate Professor

Noura Raddadi

Associate Professor

Giulio Zanaroli

Associate Professor