Materials science and technology

Study and development of new materials for civil engineering, heritage conservation, industrial applications and biomedical field


In the field of civil engineering, architecture and heritage conservation, research mainly focuses on:

  • development and characterization of sustainable materials, able to combine high durability with the employment of waste and materials from renewable sources
  • development of geopolymers from natural raw materials and/or waste and by-products
  • development of new consolidants, protecting materials and technologies for cultural heritage.

In the industrial field, the research group is mainly involved in research on: 

  • corrosion and protection of metal alloys
  • polymeric and composite materials for advanced applications and their processing technologies
  • biopolymers, bioadditives and bioplastics from renewable sources and their formulation for industrial applications.

 In the biomedical field, research mainly focuses on: 

  • biocompatible and bioactive polymeric and ceramic materials for scaffolds in tissue engineering.

ERC Sectors

  • PE5_3    Surface modification
  • PE5_5   Corrosion
  • PE5_6   Porous materials
  • PE5_8   New materials: oxides, alloys, composite, organic-inorganic hybrid, superconductors
  • PE5_10 Nanomaterials: nanoparticles, nanotubes
  • PE5_11 Biomaterials synthesis
  • PE5_19 Characterization methods of materials
  • PE5_21 Polymer chemistry
  • PE8_9   Materials engineering (biomaterials, metals, ceramics, polymers, composites...)
  • PE8_12 Sustainable design (for recycling, for environment, eco-design).

Faculty Members

Maria Bignozzi

Full Professor

Micaela Degli Esposti

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Paola Fabbri

Associate Professor

Elisa Franzoni

Associate Professor

Alberto Fregni

Assistant professor

Stefania Manzi

Associate Professor

Antonio Motori

Alma Mater Honorary Professor

Andrea Saccani

Associate Professor

Enrico Sassoni

Associate Professor

Research assistants and PhD students

Giacomo Boschi

PhD Student

Giulia Masi

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Davide Morselli

Research fellow

Cesare Pizzigatti

Research fellow