LAGIRN - Geoengineering and Natural Resources Laboratory

The Geoengineering and Natural Resources Laboratory is a DICAM laboratory where research, teaching and third-party commercial activities are carried out.

Research areas

Among the activities of DICAM, LAGIRN offers a support to perform experimental activities related to research in the following areas:

  • mining, geomechanical and ornamental rock engineering
  • petroleum engineering, fluid mechanics in porous media, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and imaging (MRI)
  • raw materials engineering and solid waste.

Services and consultancy

At LAGIRN there is a specific laboratory for the specimens’ preparation also for third parties.

The commercial activity for companies, organizations and private customers is divided into the following areas and test typology:

  • laboratory characterization of rocks and ornamental stones
  • characterization of granular raw materials and solid wastes
  • porous media characterization by NMR and MRI
  • other tests

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Teaching and training activities

The laboratory offers its services to support: lab practice aimed to specialized courses (normally the courses given by the Dept.), experimental measurements for the preparation of final theses (BS and MS) and development of research projects for PhD students.

The laboratory resources are also available to students for carrying out of “in-house” internships, subject to prior authorization.

Tools and structures

The resources of laboratory consist of technical staff, laboratories and technical equipment used for research, teaching and commercial activities regarding:

  • rock sample preparation (or similar solid materials)
  • physical-mechanical analysis of materials
  • non-destructive analysis
  • image analysis
  • porous media analysis
  • crushing and grinding tests
  • particle size analysis
  • NMR and MRI
  • optics
  • drilling fluids analysis

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