LISG - Laboratory of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

The Laboratory of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering LISG is divided into the Materials Resistance section (LISG - RM), the Structural Testing section (LISG - PS) and the Soil Testing section (LISG - GEO).


Compression test on straw bale with deformation acquisition through Digital Image Correlation

Transverse bending tests on Arundo donax rings with deformation acquisition through Digital Image Correlation

Liquid limit determination by means of Casagrande method and fall-cone method and the plastic limit determination. Fine-grained soils are then classified using the Casagrande Plasticity Chart according to USCS soil classification

Bamboo sample instrumented with strain gauges for compression testing

Indoor modular reticular structure for static and dynamic tests

Hydraulic pipeline for acoustic emission tests on the equipment

An In situ static penetrometer test (CPTu)

Load test on scaled structural shock absorbers with deformation acquisition through Digital Image Correlation

Load test on structural element

Non-destructive tests in situ on historic buildings

Survey of the reinforcement of a structural element in situ

An oedometer test performed on a coesive soil sample to determine the stiffness parameters which describe how the soil deforms in response to a change in effective stress

Analysis of an aircraft passage on a runway

Determination of the grain size distribution of a soil sample by aerometer method for the fine fraction and by sieve analysis for the coarse fraction

Research areas

The scientific field in which the activity of the three sectors takes place can be split into different disciplines:

  • LISG – RM (Materials Resistance, ex-LARM): Construction Science discipline
  • LISG – PS (Structure Test, ex-LAPS): discipline of Construction Technique
  • LISG – GEO (Soil Testing): Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering


The research field of LISG involves a wide range of aspects of experimental control, both of new buildings and of those with historical and monumental nature. These include the determination of the mechanical properties of materials, quality control, the study of the mechanical behaviour of models and structural elements, both in the static and dynamic field, non-destructive testing and monitoring of structures.

LISG activities also relate to the analysis of the mechanical behaviour of soils, through standard and advanced laboratory tests. Research themes connected to the laboratory encompass the site characterization and the related numerical modelling, with applications in the context of hydrogeological risk mitigation and cultural heritage preservation.

In particular:

Services and consultancy

LISG carries out experimental activities in the laboratory and in the field at the service of companies, organizations and individuals. In particular:

  • consultancy agreements, tests on building materials, structural elements and structures in regulated contexts and in innovative contexts not yet regulated are held at LISG - RM
  • static load tests, tests for the evaluation of the mechanical behavior of prefabricated building systems, dynamic tests in situ and long-term tests in controlled climatic conditions are carried out at LISG – PS
  • At LISG - GEO standard and advanced laboratory tests can be carried out on soil samples (further details on services and scientific expertise in the section “Soil Testing”)

Educational activities and training

LISG offers support to:

  • Bachelor and master theses
  • Research projects of PhD students, exchange PhD students from foreign universities, post-doc research activity
  • Orientation days for high school students

 LISG-RM offers support to:

  • Laboratory tests training for all bachelor and master degrees of courses on material and model mechanics and static and dynamic behaviour of structures.

 LISG – GEO offers support to:

  • Laboratory tests training for all bachelor and master degrees geotechnical courses


Scientific contacts

Prof. Andrea Benedetti

prof. Guido Gottardi

Laboratory Phone

Phone.: +39 051 2090500/515

Technical contacts

LISG –RM e LISG – PS:     P.I. Roberto Bianchi

LISG – GEO:                    Dott. Mario Marcolongo