Prof. Pastor: "Modelling of fluidised geomaterials: the case of fast landslides"


  • Data: 11 dicembre 2017 dalle 16:00 alle 18:00

  • Luogo: Aula 0.2 - Scuola di Ingegneria e Architettura - Viale del Risorgimento, 2 - Bologna

Modelling of fluidised geomaterials: the case of fast landslides

Manuel T. PASTOR
Head of the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Department
ETS de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

11th of December 2017
4.00 pm, 
Room 0.2, Viale Risorgimento

Flowslides are rapid flows, either saturated or unsaturated, where the material has a high compaction tendency, a low density and is characterised by a metastable structure. Since flow failures experience a sudden loss of strength followed by a very rapid development of deformations, their effects are often much more dramatic and devastating than other types of landslides. It is therefore important to predict their propagation distances, velocity and pore water pressure in order to identify and design appropriate mitigation and protection measures. Such a prediction must rely on: (i) a coupled mathematical model, (ii) a suitable rheological model for the considered material and (iii) a numerical model where (i) and (ii) are implemented. Depth-integrated models have been found to provide a suitable approximation for many 3D problems, resulting in an excellent compromise between accuracy and computational cost. This presentation describes the mathematical and numerical models that can be applied to simulate the propagation of flowslides, taking into account coupling between solid and fluid phases. Performances and limitations of the models are discussed with reference to the analysis of real cases.

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