Eventi conclusi

2 ott 2023


Lagrangian Methods for Flow Measurements

Aula M. Colonna via Terracini 28, 40131 Bologna

Dr. Rui Aleixo, Institute of Hydroengineering – Polish Academy of Sciences

13 set 2023


Volatile Binding Media for Temporary Consolidation of Archaeological Materials: the VOLATILE4ARCHAEO Project

Aula TA06 Via Terracini 28, Bologna

Dr. Hamada Sadek Kotb, University of Bologna (Italy), Fayoum University (Egypt)

18 lug 2023


Advanced gas-solid chemical looping reactors for cost-effective production of clean chemicals

Aula TA06 Via Terracini 28, Bologna

Prof. Vincenzo Spallina, The University of Manchester

17 lug 2023


Molecular dynamics in antibody engineering

Aula TA03 Via Terracini 28, Bologna

Prof. Francesco Zonta Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, Suzhou, China

4 lug 2023 6 lug 2023


Summer School "Metal 3D Printing in Construction"

Viale del Risorgimento 2, Bologna

27 giu 2023


To Overtake or Not to Overtake? Computational Models to Keep Road Users Safe

Aula Trasporti, Viale del Risorgimento 2, Bologna

prof. Marco Dozza, Chalmers University of Technology - Goteborg

7 giu 2023



Aula 1-3 Viale del Risorgimento,2 Bologna

evento di mappatura partecipata (crowdmapping)

6 giu 2023


Bio-based polymers for coatings applications

Aula sala Consiglio P.T. 1-030 via Terracini 28 Bologna

Dr. Tobias Robert

5 giu 2023


New innovative possibilities of alkali-activated materials in water treatment

Aula 1-030 Via Terracini 28 Bologna

Dr. Tero Luukkonen, University of Oulu

31 mag 2023


Selection of sustainable infrastructure projects in the water sector through the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Aula Magna Viale del Risorgimento,2 Bologna

Dr. Giorgio Watschinger

24 mag 2023


Simple techniques for decontaminating N95 masks for reuse by healthcare workers

aula TA05 Via Terracini 28,Bologna

Dr Luciana Ghermandi del CONICET di Bariloche, Argentina

22 mag 2023


Impact Model Student Workshop" for CRAFT H2020 Project

Roo 5.4 Viale del Risorgimento,2 Bologna

Dr. Yu Wang, NTNU