Seminario Dott. Lai: "Ladder Polymers: Synthesis and Transport of Gases Therein"

  • Data: 11 aprile 2019

  • Luogo: Aula TA06 - Scuola di Ingegneria - Via Terracini, 28 - Bologna

Ladder Polymers: Synthesis and Transport of Gases Therein

Dott. Holden W. H. Lai
Department of Chemistry, Stanford University, CA, USA

Thursday, April, 11
h. 16:00
Room Ta06 (Via Terracini 28, Bologna)

Abstract: Investigation of the transport properties of polymeric materials can lead to fundamental chemical and physical understanding of soft materials, thus enabling the rational design of polymers for many important applications. Our lab has been investigating the transport properties of novel macromolecular architectures with ladder backbones for the development of advanced polymeric materials for gas separation applications. Rigid and contorted ladder backbones can lead to high porosity in membrane materials due to frustrated chain packing, Transport properties and preliminary investigations of the transport mechanisms in these novel materials will be presented.

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