REWARD - Resonant metamaterial-based Earthquake Risk mitigation of large-scale structures and infrastructures: assessment of an innovative proof-of-concept via medium-size scale testing


Ambiti: Strutture


In this research, we aim at proving for the first time the effectiveness of the resonant metabarrier at a medium-size scale, within a 50-100 Hz frequency range, taking into account the inevitable variability in stiffness and strength of the soil and the resonators components. Although the fundamental functionalities of the metabarrier have been numerically verified, its experimental validation is still limited to small-scale laboratory samples. Thus, this proposal can result in a significant milestone, paving the way for future reale scale (1:1 scale) testing.
A modular metabarrier and a testing campaign designed to take place at the Euroseistest TA facility is envisaged. Several resonators will be designed and constructed, according to the in-situ soil properties and the operative frequency range of the measuring equipment. The resonators will be buried below the soil surface in an array fashion constituting the metabarrier. Next, equipment for the Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) will be used to excite the soil and to measure the soil response in the presence of the metabarrier or without it. The test setup is expected to confirm an attenuation of the ground motion in the presence of the metabarrier. 


01/05/2017 - 30/04/2020